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Dan Rice, PrairieLand Dairy, shares about dairy, sustainability and healthy soil

Club members and guests heard from Dan Rice of PrairieLand Dairy at the May Lunch -n-Learn meeting in Lincoln. Dan shared about his role at the dairy, the future direction and plans for the business.

Please watch it if you missed the meeting!

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Club learns about genomics, GeneSEEK in Lincoln

Club members and guests heard from Abraham Oommen at the April Lunch -n-Learn meeting. Oommen is a co-founder of GeneSEEK. GeneSeek provides comprehensive agrigenomic and veterinary diagnostic solutions and services for the agricultural biotechnology industry.

Since 1998, GeneSeek has assisted customers spanning the genotyping continuum from research and development to focused genetic markers. GeneSeek provides customers with the services and expertise to assist in areas such as SNP profiling, marker assisted selection (MAS), disease diagnostics, and identity management. With capabilities in place to provide ultrahigh throughput solutions at extremely competitive prices, GeneSeek is a leading global provider of DNA testing for farm animal improvement, and veterinary diagnostic testing and surveillance.

Mr. Oommen’s presentation was very interesting – please watch it if you missed the meeting!

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Meeting highlights from Sen. Tom Carlson

Jan7 Sen Carlson (2)The Nebraska Agribusiness Club welcomed a large crowd of over 60 members and guests Monday, January 7th first “Lunch-n-Learn” meeting of the year.

Senator Tom Carlson gave a legislative update to the club about issues for the upcoming Legislature that include: a two-year budget, 1/4% sales tax for roads, state aid for schools, and water & ag issues. Specific bills that will be coming before the Ag Committee are:

  • Animal welfare
  • Corn checkoff structure
  • Brand laws
  • Water management and funding

You can watch the Senator’s talk on our YouTube channel, or by clicking play below.

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Dean Edson, NARD update at December meeting

Dean Edson, Executive Director of Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD), was the guest speaker for the Nebraska Agribusiness Club’s December meeting on Monday, December 3rd in Lincoln.

Dean spoke on the recent agreements of four NRD’s in Central Nebraska, Platte River issues, Republican River Issues, Drought, and the N-CORPE Project. You can catch his update with these three videos:

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Videos from Dr. Tamra Jackson-Ziems

Missed the October 1st Nebraska Agribusiness Club meeting? You can catch all of the content from Dr. Tamra Jackson-Ziems’ great presentation on these two videos (they are split into PART 1 and PART 2).

If you’d rather just read about her discussion points, click here.


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Mycotoxins and corn quality topic of October meeting

Mycotoxin, aflatoxin, ear & stalk rots, Goss’s Wilt and drought were the main discussion points given by Dr. Tamra Jackson-Ziems at the October Nebraska Agribusiness Club meeting on Monday.

This discussion was especially timely as the heat and drought of the growing season this year, that spured the growth of many mycotoxins which affect corn in Nebraska. However, Dr. Jackson-Ziems assured the club that we have mycotoxins every year, but the talk of aflatoxin has gotten many people worried.

The concentration of mycotoxin in grain is influenced by fungal infection, growing conditions and plant stress. Mycotoxins can still survive in distillers grains after corn has gone through the distillation process as they are heat stable – however their concentration increases 3 times by volume in the distillers grains.

One major point to remember when talking about aflatoxin and that is the FDA Action Levels for corn intended for livestock or human use. The following picture shows the parts per billion (ppb).

Dr. Jackson-Ziems worked with a colleague who collected samples of corn in a 100 mile radius of Lincoln and found that 42% of those samples had no detectable aflatoxin at all. In 80% of the samples, the corn showed less than 20 ppb of aflatoxin – which according to the chart above, is completely safe levels.  In 99% of the samples, aflatoxin was less than 100 ppb which is perfectly safe for livestock feeding. So even though there are rumors and concerns about aflatoxin in this drought year, this study has confirmed the safety of the Nebraska corn crop.

To watch Dr. Jackson-Ziems’s presentation, check out our YouTube channel.

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LEAD XXX Fellows share on seminar to Ireland, Scotland, England

Jamie Bauman and Aaron Raymond, LEAD XXX Fellows were our guest speakers at the May meeting of the Nebraska Agribusiness Club yesterday at the Lancaster Extension Education Center in Lincoln.  Jamie and Aaron spoke about their LEAD Study/Travel Seminar to Ireland, Scotland and England earlier this year. While on seminar, they toured grain and livestock farms, dairies, distilleries and had time for some tourist activities like visiting castles, libraries and old cities.

Their presentation is split into to videos (part 1 and 2 as labeled below) or click here to watch on our YouTube page. Enjoy!

Our next meeting will be our annual bus tour on June 4th. Save the date!

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