May 5 Lunch-n-Learn RSVP

Join us May 5 for the Nebraska Agribusiness Club Lunch-n-Learn at the Lancaster Extension Education Center, 444 Cherry Creek Road, Lincoln, NE. Click here for directions.

zoetisZoetis (formerly Pfiser Animal Health) discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes a diverse portfolio of animal health medicines and vaccines designed to meet the real-world needs of veterinarians and the livestock farmers and companion animal owners they support.

Mike Morgan the Operational Leader of the Lincoln facility will be our presenter to discuss their change from under the Pfiser umbrella to Zoetis.  What new things they have on tap for their Lincoln Plant.  He will also bring with him Tom Evans, DVM, and Jack Coogan, EHS Director to help with the presentation and answer any detailed questions about their products.

 Buffet lunch will begin at 11:30 a.m., with the program starting at 12:20 p.m. Meeting registration, which includes lunch, is $10 per person (unless you have already paid for the inclusive membership). Guests are $10 per person. (All members were given a “Free Guest” pass when they renewed their membership – so invite a guest and use your free pass!)

Please RSVP in the form below by Thursday, May 1 at 5:00pm!

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National Ag Day event a success!

russ's marketThe Nebraska Agribusiness Club celebrated National Ag Day, March 25, with an event put on with help from KX96.9 and Russ’s Market. In addition to supporting Russ’s Market’s 50th Anniversary, the club helped promote National Ag Day and Russ’s Market commitment to “Real. Local. Proud to support our Nebraska Growers and Producers.

During our event, we had representatives from all across Nebraska’s agricultural industry. Prairieland Dairy had milk and cheese samples, Nebraska Pork Producers parked their wrapped bus in front of the store and had samples of pork tenderloin, the Nebraska Beef Council had tasty steak samples, Nebraska Soybean Board – Bean Team shared smoothies, Nebraska Corn Board handed out popcorn samples, Nebraska Wheat Board had cookies, and CommonGround volunteers gave kids pencils and shared with consumers recipes while having conversations about their farm and food.

The Food Bank of Lincoln was also on hand as well to promote the Nebraska Agribusiness Club’s offer to DOUBLE your DOLLARS (up to $5000). More exciting info on this to come!

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National Ag Day Activities

russ's marketThe Nebraska Agribusiness Club will celebrate National Ag Day with an event put on with help from KX96.9 on Tuesday, March 25th from 4p-6p at Russ’s Market 70th & Van Dorn. In addition to supporting Russ’s Market’s 50th Anniversary, we will be promoting National Ag Day and Russ’s Market commitment to “Real. Local. Proud to support our Nebraska Growers and Producers.

During our event, we will be offering samples and have confirmations from:

Prairieland Dairy MILK
Nebraska Pork Producers wrapped BUS parked in the parking lot and sampling PORK TENDERLOIN
Beef Council with sampling
Nebraska Soybean Board – Bean Team with SMOOTHIES
Nebraska Corn Board POPCORN samples
CommonGround – speaker representative to talk about Ag in NE at the event
and more!

The Food Bank of Lincoln is also planning to be on hand as well to promote the Nebraska Agribusiness Club’s offer to DOUBLE your DOLLARS (up to $5000). Come out support the local agriculture and raise money for the Food Bank. Or you can give on-line in the Virtual Store the food bank set-up for the Nebraska Agribusiness Club.

We would be thrilled to have even more folks join us – feel free to pass along the invitation, and see you on Ag Day!National-Ag-Day

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Consumer food trends and store tour, topic of March club meeting

On Monday, March 3, over 50 Nebraska Agribusiness Club members and guests got motivated for the upcoming National Ag Week, March 23-29th by Chris Linville of Three Eagles Communications. Chris shared that the Club will be participating, with B&R Stores, and other partners, week-long, but specifically with B&R Stores to bring agriculture directly to food consumers.Marty Jarvis B&R Stores3-3-14

Marty Jarvis, club member with B&R Stores, gave the Club a great presentation on Consumer Trends in the Grocery Store. Marty Jarvis B&R Stores

Consumers are:

  • value-driven
  • health & wellness conscious
  • given more choices with supermarkets
  • cooking at home more
  • want convenience
  • want “local”
  • want to control the information

Future trends:

  • millennials have more influence
  • food packaging will change
  • more international food choices
  • food directly from manufacturer (i.e. buy food directly through Amazon)
  • food safety a key factorWS Marty Jarvis and Larry Elias of B&R Stores
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Club adopts a CEDARS family this holiday

after hours nov 12For the third straight year, the Nebraska Agribusiness Club is adopting a family through the CEDARS program. Again this year, the club held an After Hours even to raise donations for the family – $375. Read about our adopted families in 2011 and 2012.

The “adopted” family this year is Genni and Justin. They are the parents of a 7-month-old son, Aaron and are expecting another child in April. Justin suffers from PTSD from being in Afghanistan and is working with the local VA Hospital to manage his depression. He has not been able to work since coming home from the war. Genni works part time and is the sole provider for the family. They have been involved in the CEDARS Healthy Families America program since September 2013. Genni did not breastfeed as long as she hoped with Aaron, and really wants to be successful in breastfeeding her new baby for at least one year. Genni and Justin do not have family in town and they won’t be seeing them this Christmas either, so having a family in town “adopt” them would be special to them.

cedars 2013

Aaron is a 7 month old boy who loves crawling around and being on the floor playing and reading books. For Christmas, Aaron would love a Vtech alphabet activity cube or a Fisher Price laugh & learn stride to ride puppy. He would also enjoy a Baby Einstein Sea Dreams soother or board books like Goodnight Moon, The Giving Tree, and I Love You Forever. He will be wearing 12-18 months and needs footie pajamas (non character preferably), and fun socks (polka dots or stripes). Aaron LOVES music so any Baby Einstein Baby Bach & Baby Mozart cd’s Rock-a-bye Baby Lullaby Renditions would be perfect.

A few of the club officers shopped for the family this week and the CEDARS staff was very appreciative of the donation.


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Having conversations with consumers

Spreading the message about the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) during the recent Commodity Classic was the task at hand for Lisa Lunz, a corn and soybean farmer from Wakefield, Nebraska. Lunz is on the Nebraska Soybean Board and a director on the USFRA.

Lunz tells Brownfield that because agriculture has not had a voice, many consumers are confused. Consumer education, having conversations with consumers and answering their questions is something every farmer can do.

podcastConversation with Lisa Lunz 02282013

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New officers for a new year

Nappy New Year! We’d like to introduce you to the 2013 Nebraska Agribusiness Club officer team.

Mat HabrockStepping into the President role from President-Elect is Mat Habrock. Mat works as the Field Services Director for the Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA).  NeCGA is a membership-based organization striving to improve Nebraska’s corn industry through leadership development, advocacy and education.  Mat received a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness with an emphasis in Political Science from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Jeff Monhollon2Going from Vice President to President-Elect is Jeff Monhollon. Jeff is a Farm Manager with Farmers National Company.  Farmers National Company provides various Real Estate Services to absentee landowners. Jeff has been very active in the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA).  He has served as Nebraska State Chapter President, served on several committees and is currently serving on a National Committee.  Jeff is a graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in Animal Science.  He also has graduated from the Nebraska LEAD Program.

kimclark_2011New to the officer team is Kim Clark in the Vice President position. Kim is the Director of Biofuels Development for the Nebraska Corn Board where her primary responsibilities include programming, promotion and education of biofuels, specifically ethanol, to school children, consumers and retailers. She earned her bachelor of science degree in Animal Science and a master’s of agriculture with a minor in Agriculture Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She plays an active role in her local church serving on several committees and volunteers as a religious education teacher.

Dayle WilliamsonStaying in the same role as Secretary is Dayle Williamson. Dayle retired as  United States Senator Ben Nelson’s Greater Nebraska District Manager at the end of Senator Nelson’s term on January 2, 2013. He joined Senator Nelson’s staff in 2001. Prior to that time he was appointed by a several Nebraska Governors to serve as the Director of the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission. He served as an agency director for 30 years. Dayle began his agricultural career with the University of Nebraska Agricultural Extension Service serving as a county agent. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Williamson spent two years in the United States Army, and spent the next 30 years in his military career as a member of the Nebraska Army National Guard, reaching the rank of Brigadier General before retiring. Dayle has been a member of the Nebraska Agribusiness Club from the early days of the organization.

Gerri MonhollonAlso staying in the same officer position of Treasurer is Gerri Monahan. Gerri is the Business Manager for the Nebraska Ethanol Board. Originally from Hyannis, Nebraska, Gerri received her degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Emphasis Advertising and General Agriculture Certificate. She is a Nebraska LEAD 31 fellow, involved with the Lancaster Election Board, Christ United Methodist Church, Fairacres Homeowners Association, an auxiliary member of Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center and SHARE – a volunteer-run community-based nutrition distribution program.

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Waverly Agricultural Education Program Making a CASE for Agriculture Education

Kori Jensen, Waverly Agricultural Education Instructor, attended a 10-day professional development session in July at the University of Nebraska Lincoln to teach the Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) section of the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE).

The AFNR course is designed to introduce students to the world of agriculture, the pathways they may pursue, and enhance their knowledge in science, mathematics, reading, and writing. This course allows students to experience exciting hands-on activities, projects, and problems while gaining basic skills and knowledge in agriculture. The course includes six units: Agricultural Education – Agriculture, FFA, and SAE, Communication Methods, Science Processes, Natural Resources, Plants and Animals, and Agricultural Mechanics.

To enhance this curriculum Jensen developed a soybean unit highlighting production, processing, and use of soybeans in Nebraska. It is important for Nebraska youth to understand the role soybeans play in agriculture and our economy. For more information on Nebraska soybean production visit

After spending approximately 80 hours going through each lesson, Jensen is now one of sixteen agricultural teachers in Nebraska certified to teach the CASE curriculum. Currently 44 Waverly High School students are enrolled in this course, which serves as a foundation for the Waverly Agricultural Education Curriculum. Jensen would like to continue implementing other CASE courses by attending additional summer CASE seminars in Plant and Animal Sciences.

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Vote for Nebraska Ag in the Classroom to win a truck!

The Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom is a finalist in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Campaign – an effort in which Toyota is giving away 100 cars over 100 days to nonprofits that could really use a new set of wheels.

Watch this video to learn why Nebraska Ag in the Classroom could really use a truck!

We can all help by voting for them! They have a 1 in 5 chance of winning a new truck which will be used to help spread the importance of agriculture and help share with school kids and the public where their food, fiber and fuel come from.

On July 10, you can go to to vote, or click “Go Vote” below to help them win!

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USDA celebrates 150 years on May 15 and throughout 2012

In 2012, USDA will commemorate and celebrate the 150th anniversary of our founding in 1862, when President Abraham Lincoln signed into law an act of Congress establishing the United States Department of Agriculture.

USDA Factoids:

  • Since 1944, USDA has built thousands of small dams on upstream watersheds to control floods and supply water in rural areas across the country. 
  • In 1900, the average size farm was 146 acres, three times smaller than the average of 487 acres in 1997.
  • The USDA Bureau of Biological Survey, established in 1905, was one of the first federal agencies committed to wildlife conservation.
  • In 1900, 39.2 percent of the US population lived on farms, compared to 1.8 percent in 1990.
  • The Hatch Act of 1887 established experiment stations in each Of the states, laying the foundation for dramatic advances in all agricultural science over the subsequent decades
  • Through the 19th century, seed distribution was the USDA’s single largest activity. By 1897, the Department had distributed 1.1 billion packets of seed. 
  • During the 1930s, the USDA directed the work of tens of thousands of young men enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Did you know in 2007, eighty-eight percent of farms are small, and these farms account for 64 percent of farm assets, including 63 percent of the land owned by farms?
  • One of the most significant changes in the 2007 Census of Agriculture is the increase in female farm operators, both in terms of the absolute number and the percentage of all principle operators.  There were 306,209 female principle operators counted in 2007, up from 237,819 in 2002 an increase of almost 30 percent.
  • During the 19th and early 20th centuries, USDA scientists explored foreign countries for plant species with potential  beneficial uses for American agriculturalists.
  • In 1980, more than 69 million eggs were produced compared to more than 90 million eggs produced in 2010.
  • Between 1985 and 2002, APHIS intercepted more than 7,000 different species  of plant pests at U.S. ports of entry.  Many of these pests could have severely  harmed our agriculture and environment if they had become established in our country.
  • Peanuts are a great snack anytime, especially at the ballpark.  Did you know that the smallest yield was 623 pounds per acre in 1943 and the largest yield, was 3,426 pounds per acre in 2008?
  • 1900-1910 George Washington Carver, director of agricultural research at Tuskegee Institute, and soybeans, thus helping to diversify southern agriculture, pioneered in finding new uses for peanuts and sweet potatoes.
  • In 1986, APHIS licensed the world’s first vaccine derived from recombinant DNA

The first shipment of Japanese cherry trees sent for planting in Washington DC arrived in 1910, heavily infested with plant pests, and had to be burned.  Japanese scientists worked with USDA’s Bureau of Plant Industry (a predecessor group) to ensure the second shipment would be safe to plant.  The second shipment of trees arrived and was planted in 1912.
(Note:  Japanese Cherry Trees will be planted in Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, on April 27, 2012)  – see legislative resolution below
LR609 Recognize the 2012 Gift of Trees Centennial and the friendship between Japan and the United States

WHEREAS, 2012 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the gift of three thousand cherry blossom trees from Tokyo, Japan, to Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital; and

WHEREAS, the gifted trees were planted around the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.; and

WHEREAS, the National Cherry Blossom Festival is a two-week celebration recognizing the international friendship between the United States and Japan and the arrival of spring; and

WHEREAS, as part of the one hundredth anniversary, the government of Japan will be gifting cherry blossom trees to cities across the country; and

WHEREAS, Omaha, sister city to Shizuoka, Japan, has been designated as a recipient of the gift of trees; and

WHEREAS, the trees will be planted in Lauritzen Gardens and will be presented in a ceremony on April 27, 2012, Arbor Day.



1. That the Legislature recognizes the 2012 Gift of Trees Centennial and the enduring friendship between Japan and the United States of America.

2. That a copy of this resolution be presented to the Consul General of Japan at Chicago, OKAMURA Yoshifumi.


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