Board of Directors

Nine volunteers serve as directors for the NE ABC Board. As a group, they bring great value for their involvement on the board because of the diverse agricultural interests each director represents, as well as the experience and leadership each individual has to offer.

Eddie Biwer
UNL Nebraska Agribusiness Club Representative
Doug Carr – Past President
Mark Balschweid
O. Grayson
Sean Minahan
Stacey Agnew
Tina Henderson

The NE ABC Board of Directors will provide guidance for the NE ABC Officers, and will have important responsibilities to fulfill during their two year term.


  • To provide advice and counsel to the President and Officers’ Team as required or requested
  • To seek nominations for club awards, sponsorships for club functions, and to recruit members
  • To help ensure that the Club is in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations
  • To regularly attend monthly club meetings and other club functions
  • To commit time and leadership skills to enhance the Club
  • To attend at least one Board of Directors Meeting each year
  • To appoint club officers annually
  • To approve an annual budget
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