Consumer food trends and store tour, topic of March club meeting

On Monday, March 3, over 50 Nebraska Agribusiness Club members and guests got motivated for the upcoming National Ag Week, March 23-29th by Chris Linville of Three Eagles Communications. Chris shared that the Club will be participating, with B&R Stores, and other partners, week-long, but specifically with B&R Stores to bring agriculture directly to food consumers.Marty Jarvis B&R Stores3-3-14

Marty Jarvis, club member with B&R Stores, gave the Club a great presentation on Consumer Trends in the Grocery Store. Marty Jarvis B&R Stores

Consumers are:

  • value-driven
  • health & wellness conscious
  • given more choices with supermarkets
  • cooking at home more
  • want convenience
  • want “local”
  • want to control the information

Future trends:

  • millennials have more influence
  • food packaging will change
  • more international food choices
  • food directly from manufacturer (i.e. buy food directly through Amazon)
  • food safety a key factorWS Marty Jarvis and Larry Elias of B&R Stores
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