Ethanol plant, winery tour a success

The Nebraska Agribusiness Club tour on Monday was a fun, educational day for members and guests!

The group left Lincoln around 1:30 pm and went to the first stop: E Energy Adams. E Energy Adams, LLC was organized in 2005 for the purpose of developing, building, and operating a dry mill ethanol plant in southeast Nebraska.

The group toured the plant, learned about the local economy and corn production, got to see and taste distillers grains and view the inner workings of the plant.

E Energy runs seven days a week, but is most busy during harvest. During that time, they will unload 200 trucks of corn. Per year, the plant produces 60 million gallons of ethanol. They sell wet, modified (partially dried) and dried distillers grains as livestock feed, as well as CO2 for the food & beverage industry – all as co-products from ethanol production.

After E Energy Adams, our next stop was at WunderRosa Winery near Roca, Nebraska. The winery opened in 2009 offering four wines and have added new ones every year since.

When we arrived, we split the group into three smaller groups and toured the vineyard, wine-making facility and wine tasting facility.

We had a great day and learned a lot about the diversities of Nebraska Agriculture. Thank you to E Energy Adams and WunderRosa for the excellent tours. Our next meeting will be August 20 – more details to come!

Check out more tour pictures on our Facebook page!

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