April meeting focused on Nebraska crop numbers for 2012

Michael Irons, commercial manager within ADM’s Oilseed Division, was our guest speaker for the April meeting of the Nebraska Agribusiness Club. Irons’ position with ADM is to oversee the Lincoln and Fremont, Nebraska soybean crush facilities. His responsibilities are primarily centered on the procurement and sales of soybeans and soy products.

Irons began his presentation with a background of ADM and their position in Nebraska. Currently, ADM is consuming around 13% of Nebraska’s crop production. This is about 85 million bushels of soybeans per year, 209 million bushels of corn per year and 19 million bushels of wheat per year in Nebraska.

According to the USDA/NASS Report on March 30, Irons shared some numbers important to the U.S. and Nebraska in terms of stocks and acreage reports. Highlights include:

    • Corn stocks down
      • 8% down in U.S.
      • 10% down in NE
    • Soybean stocks up
      • 10% up in U.S.
      • 37% up in NE
    • Corn acreage
      • U.S. up 96 million acres
      • NE up 10.3 million acres
    • Soybean acreage
      • U.S. down 74 million acres
      • NE down 4.7 million acres
    • Looking forward to 2012-2013
      • Corn supply tight nearby
      • Soybean supply sufficient  nearby
      • Possibly more production in South America
      • 2013 acreage battle
      • Usage/profitability
      • Mother nature

Be sure to mark May 7, 2012 on your calendar for our next meeting at the Lancaster Extension Education Center. You can RSVP here!

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