Legislative issues that affect Nebraska agriculture

The February meeting of the Nebraska Agribusiness Club focused on legislative issues that affect Nebraska agriculture. Craig Head, Assistant Director of Governmental Relations of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation brought forward a few broad, key issues that the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation has their eye on during the 102nd legislative session in Nebraska.

The list of these issues include:

LB 850 – Hadley = Provide an income tax credit for people to move to rural Nebraska areas.
LB 1061 – Heidemann = Change provisions relating to valuation of agricultural land
LB 84 – Fischer = Adopt the Build Nebraska Act and provide for distribution of sales and use tax revenue for road construction
LB 884 – Sullivan = Create an agriculture literacy task force
LB 427 – Cornett = Change the commercial Dog and Cat Breeding Inspection Act
LB 459 – Schilz = Prohibit political subdivisions from defining or assigning legal status for animals inconsistent with personal property status
LB 1057 – Carlson = Change the Nebraska Corn Resources Act
LB 9050 – Carlson = Change the Nebraska Wheat Resources Act

Another issue to pay attention to is term limits. Currently, Senators may serve two, four-year terms before being term limited out. In 2014, there will be 22 open seats (of 49 total senators in our Unicameral) and a number of those 22 open seats are committee chairs. Many districts may struggle to find good candidates willing and able to serve.

To learn more about each issue and to keep up on the most recent legislative information, visit the Nebraska Legislature website.


Meeting announcements:

  • Ethanol Board Meeting is February 14 – email Gerri Monahan ( geri@inebraska.com)  for more details.
  • Governor’s Ag Conference is February 15-16 in Kearney
  • LEAD recognition is March 9 – email Jeff Monhollon ( JMonhollon@farmersnational.com) for more details.
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